Film & Media Scoring


NEWSFLASH! I will be teaming up with a fantastic bunch of writers, creators, actors and other artists to work on a project.  Check it out! Pagan Promo

Check out the Westworld Scene I scored.  This was for the 2020 Spitfire Audio/Westworld Scoring Competition.   Sprite Fright and Spring are animated shorts that I scored for fundraiser events and Pandemic Serenade No. 1 was composed thanks to COVID!  Wonderland Arts Promo is a sample of my commercial work.

Here’s the backstory…a friend of mine wrote a fantastic script for a TV series and she asked me if I knew of any pieces that were like O Fortuna from Carmina Burana that would be good for the opening credits. I thought of a few…then I wrote something myself (listen to Jyixy’s Theme). This project led me to work with sound sampling and audio production- the stuff beyond just writing the notes.  Contact to discuss any film/media projects.


Here are some examples of what I have created.

Wonderland Arts Promo

Sprite Fright

Westworld Scene


Jyixy’s Theme- Opening Credits

Film Cue (dark woods-escape-run-trip-fall)

Podcast J Bumper

Pandemic Serenade No. 1 video audio only

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